Loving on Pumpchkin. Why not lover with me?<3 ~katvalentinelover

What is Pump Planet?

Pump planet is a bullying free website! The creators of Pump Planet are originally from moviestarplanet but I decided to make a website to show how much I love PUMPCHKIN one of the most famous moviestars on moviestarplanet!  Become a .:PumpPorter on msp to help make MSP drama free!



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I love Pumpchkin<3 Shouldnt you? Whats not to love about Pumpchkin? Shes sweet,kind, encouraging, and motivative. Pump is such a helping hand on MSP to help stop bullying. Im Loving On Pump. Why not love with me!c:



Contact The Creator Of This Site at http://www.moviestarplanet.com/ under the name of katvalentinelover. :)

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